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 Fresh food Ideas offers A full spectrum of culinary delights. From cooking classes & Parties to delicious baked goods to exclusive Catered dinners & parties, we create great experiences & delicious food.


Fresh Chef Experience Cooking Classes & Parties

The Ultimate in Cooking Classes & Parties and it all happens in your Home Kitchen.

Fresh Chef Experience is all about fresh, fun ideas created to bring out the culinary skills in everyone and it all happens in your home kitchen. Your Fresh Chef Experience begins when our professionally trained chefs arrive at your home with everything required to have a great Cooking Experience in your kitchen. We bring all the food to create your amazing culinary event plus all the cooking equipment needed for your special cooking class or party.

Fresh Chef Experience teaches a huge variety of menus - with 200+ Fresh Chef Cooking Experiences, Our cooking classes range from learning basic skills, to intermediate and advanced, through mastering high-level techniques. Our fresh, fun ideas expand culinary horizons by instructing new methods and teaching everything from culinary skills to preparing international dishes.

So, whether you are an advanced foodie who loves to cook, to a beginner desiring to learn some new skills, Fresh Chef Experience is ready to instruct you and your guests on how to combine fresh ideas, food and a lot of fun.

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Fresh Chef Bakery is a boutique bakery specializing in unique, handcrafted baked goods - cookies, cakes, tarts and so much more. Our tasty treats are available to purchase to go along with any Fresh Chef Experience Cooking Class or Party, Fresh Food Ideas Catering Event, or just because you want a delicious treat!

Fresh Chef Bakery takes nostalgic flavors and gives them a modern twist. Humorously named, all of our baked goods are created entirely from scratch by our very talented baking team. Fresh Chef Bakery uses only premium ingredients and fresh seasonal flavors in our baked goods. Each one of our handmade baked items is traditionally created from high quality recipes with the ultimate premium ingredients. Baked in small batches our sophisticated, yet very classic, treats will satisfy everything from a sweet tooth craving to a very elegant event. 

Our Cookies and Whoopies Pies range from traditional chocolate chip and peanut butter to new flavors to discover with cardamom and dates.

Our delicious bar cookies include Billionaire Bars, Lemon, and Krispy Bars to a selection of Brownies and Blondies.

Our tasty cakes include traditional Bundt Cakes, Upside-down Cakes, and Rustic Cakes to our amazing Chocolate Iced Cake with chocolate curls.

Available in mini and large sizes, we have several Tarts to choose from including Lemon, Fruit, & Chocolate.

Fresh Chef Bakery – premium quality, simple ideas, delicious desserts!

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Fresh Food Ideas Catering is known for high-end, seasonal menus and meticulous service. We prepare delicious food for small private, high-end dinner parties and special events. Our diversified services set the standard for catered events of great distinction with our beautifully presented cuisine and our impeccable service. 

Fabulous food is just the beginning at Fresh Food Ideas Catering. Our clients select from a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime menus suiting their taste and style. All our dishes are skillfully prepared by our culinary team lead by our three professionally trained chefs.

Menu Development and Planning
We strive to make the planning process as seamless as possible. With a team of experienced and seasoned chefs, we strive to transform your ideas into an occasion everyone will remember. 

Service Staff
Our professional service staff is as customized as your menu. We only hire enthusiastic, dedicated and conscientious people who meet our high standards. Our ability to execute seamless events rests on the fact that our staff is highly trained and dedicated to these standards of excellence.

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